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Join our online study on Belonging and Attachment in International Students

Are you a university student and above 18? Join our research on belonging and attachment styles.

Together with several students I'm conducting a research project on the sense of belonging and attachment style of International vs Dutch students (survey below).

Did you know that your relationships (romantic, friendship, business, etc.) are influenced by the type of attachment you have with your caregivers? This is your first example of a bond between two individuals. How does this affect your sense of belonging in this world? Is it affected? Does this differ depending on where and how you grew up and how many times you moved? This is something this research is investigating.

Are you at least 18 years old and a university student willing to spare 10-20 mins to help three of my bachelor students graduate? Great! Please click the attached link to either select the English or Dutch questionnaire. You are also invited to share this link with others who fit into this description. Did we mention that you could win a voucher? Who knows: maybe you will be one of the three lucky participants! Click this link to get started:

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