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Patric Esters

Mending Mind is led by psychologist & psychotherapist 
Patric Esters, M.Sc. 
Patric provides effective therapy for expat teenagers and adults.
He speaks and treats clients in English, German, Spanish, Portuguese, Catalan and Dutch. Patric's clients come for all walks of life and may struggle with trauma, anxiety, depression, burnout, existential questions or other forms of dis-ease.

Psychotherapeut BIG nr: 39929018116
AGB code: 94103270

Recently he's training to become a teacher in Compassion Cultivation Training developed by the Compassion Institute & Stanford University.

van Iersel


Behind the scenes, Elma van Iersel makes sure everything runs smoothly. As a freelancer, she supports the practice as a virtual assistant. She is not present at the practice but handles all matters online from beautiful Drenthe. Elma has previously lived abroad and knows the many challenges of expat life.

Do you want to make or reschedule an appointment? Or do you have a question about an invoice? Then chances are you'll be in touch with her.


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