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Frequently Asked Questions

I think my son/daughter needs support, how do we proceed?

First, speak to your child before deciding for them, especially if they are teenagers.
For anyone under 16 years of age, we are legally required to have the signed permission of both parents/legal guardians. Otherwise, we cannot help you. We will provide you with all the intake forms before our first meeting. Please bring them signed with you to our first meeting.

What happens in the first meeting?
In our first meeting, an intake is conducted where all basic information is gathered. Patric first speaks with parents and child together and then gives the option to speak alone with the teenager, and afterward alone with the parents. Sometimes this helps, as teenagers may not want to share all of their concerns in front of their parents and vice versa.

Do you work with insurance companies?
No. We are a private practice that is considered an out-of-network provider. What that means, is that you will pay for sessions and seek potential reimbursement from your insurance. Depending on your plan you may receive full, partial, or no reimbursement, so we recommend you contact your insurance about your plan. We decided 
this because we were spending more time finding agreements with insurances to get paid for work we had done, rather than offer counseling for expats. We have seen that many international insurances reimburse our clients, however, Dutch insurance companies do not.
If you prefer to keep complete anonymity by paying yourself and not inform your insurance, that is also possible.

Are your services confidential?

Yes, absolutely. Everything that you share will remain confidential. Your insurance will only know if you let them know. We only breach confidentiality if we are legally obliged to do so, or in case a client or someone else is in imminent danger - please note that this has not happened so far.

Do I need a referral letter from my GP / family doctor?
No. Though we encourage you to speak to your doctor about all medical and psychiatric concerns, it is not necessary to ask for a referral letter.

Do I have to have a clinical diagnosis to receive counseling?
No. Different than most Dutch clinics, where you have to have a DSM diagnosis before getting support, we do not label our clients. 

What happens if I miss my appointment?
Unfortunate things can happen, so please inform us as soon as possible if you cannot make an appointment. If you have not 
cancelled 24 hours in advance we will request a no-show fee of 60 euros per session.

What kind of assessments do you provide?
Next to clinical observations and standardized questionnaires, we offer cognitive assessments for children (WISC-V UK version) and adults (
WAIS IV UK version), and academic achievement assessments (WIAT III UK version). Please note that we specialize in supporting clients therapeutically and that for more extensive assessments we can refer you to our colleagues or other specialists.


Is there a waiting list?
Your first appointment can be booked within 1-2 weeks.

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