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At Mending Mind, we prioritize open communication and are dedicated to offering high quality care to our clients. We recognize the value of your feedback and encourage you to directly share any concerns with your therapist. This approach often leads to a more immediate and satisfying resolution.

​Invitation to Discuss Concerns Directly with Your Therapist
Before proceeding with a formal complaint, we warmly invite you to discuss any dissatisfaction directly with your therapist. This initial step often resolves concerns quickly and effectively, fostering a stronger therapeutic relationship.

Who Can Raise Concerns?
Anyone who has received or is currently receiving care from one of our psychologists, including those who have been referred but have not yet started care, is welcome to raise concerns.

Areas of Concern

  • You may wish to discuss any aspect of your care that does not meet your expectations, such as:

  • The quality of care

  • The manner in which care was provided

  • Fee-related concerns

  • Any other areas where your expectations were not met

Steps to Address Concerns

  1. Initial Discussion: We encourage you to first bring up any issues with your psychologist. This can lead to a swift and mutual understanding.

  2. Seeking Mediation: If your concerns are not resolved after discussing them with your psychologist, you can request mediation from a complaints officer at the LVVP (Landelijke vereniging van vrijgevestigde psychologen en psychotherapeuten). The LVVP offers an impartial mediation process aimed at finding a mutually satisfactory resolution.

The LVVP employs professional complaints officers from Klacht&Company, skilled in facilitating effective complaint resolution.

Filing a Formal Complaint
If mediation does not resolve your concerns, you may file a formal complaint with Klacht&Company by:

  • Completing the LVVP complaint form

  • Emailing the form to A complaint officer will reach out to you within 2 workdays.

  • Alternatively, you can contact a complaint officer directly at (088) 234 16 06.

We are committed to listening and continuously improving our services. Your feedback is invaluable in helping us maintain the high standards of care.


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